A transformational, net carbon zero pallet re-use scheme for the UK construction sector


Merchant, House Builder or
Principal contractor

Book a collection

We collect all green LOOP and other branded and unbranded white pallets. Don’t forget, you will get up to a £4 LOOP Payback for all green pallets collected and £2 for damaged green pallets that are not beyond economical repair. 


It’s easy to book a collection. Call us on 0800 024 6130  or email  collections@thepalletloop.com.

If you haven’t set up an account with The Pallet LOOP for collections, you’ll need to do this first. Just call 0800 024 6130  or email  setmeup@thepalletloop.com.

Alternatively, click on the button below: 

I’ve got some green pallets

What should I do with them now?

Don’t skip them. Each green pallet put back in the LOOP is worth up to £4  and £2 for a damaged pallet that can’t be reused. 

Step 1: After use, stack all pallets (green and white) in one location, no more than 2.4m high (approx. 19 pallets), ensuring each stack is stable and ready for loading.

Step 2: Book a collection. Collections of white and green pallets can be booked to take place in as little as 72 hours.