A transformational, net carbon zero pallet re-use scheme for the UK construction sector

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Pallet LOOP?

A transformational, net carbon zero supply chain solution that enables and incentivises the RECOVERY, REPAIR and REUSE of pallets in the UK construction sector.


How will The Pallet LOOP make a difference?

Designed as a Net Carbon Zero model, The Pallet LOOP is designed to support the country’s journey to Zero Avoidable Waste. Rather than being cost engineered, LOOP pallets are designed and built for multiple trips. They therefore offer significant safety benefits for the entire supply chain. With an ISO 14040 compliant LCA, LOOP’s distinctive green pallets, have been engineered to last. Designed with durability in mind, they are, typically stronger than standard pallets used in the construction industry today.

Why are you launching The Pallet LOOP now?

There has never been a better time to launch The Pallet LOOP. Amplified by the pandemic, resources are scarcer and more expensive than they have ever been. This situation is leading companies to seek alternative solutions that are less wasteful than traditional practices. There is a growing consensus that linear ways of working are unsustainable, and that waste is unnecessary. Sustainability and circular economics are driving a new era of eco-innovation. The Pallet LOOP is leading the drive for change in the transportation of building materials – providing a simple solution to a problem that has been increasing in size for many years.

Why is The Pallet LOOP needed?

The UK construction sector uses over 20 million timber pallets per annum yet reuses less than 10%. This is in stark contrast to the FMCG sector, which operates a closed loop pallet collection system that achieves 98% re-use. In the construction industry, the lack of pallet reuse generates vast volumes of waste (>250,000 tonnes) and means a huge amount of timber is used unnecessarily. Currently, the sector needs to cut down more than 6,000 acres of forestry per annum to feed an antiquated linear packaging model.

How does The Pallet LOOP model work?

Our dedicated national recovery infrastructure allows The Pallet LOOP to operate a 72-hour collection service for end users. The Pallet LOOP assigns its distinctive green returnable pallets to building materials manufacturers. The pallets are then delivered to the manufacturers site ready for loading and onward distribution. LOOP pallets move through the supply chain and once materials reach their final destination, pallets can be stacked ready for collection or return. After pallets have been returned, The Pallet LOOP puts them back into the supply chain and issues up to £4 payback for every green pallet returned.


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