A transformational, circular economy, pallet reuse scheme for the UK construction sector

The circular economy pallet re-use scheme
for the UK construction sector

that’s different by design

The green pallet revolution is here

LOOP pallets are now circulating within the UK construction supply chain

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We’re transforming the way building materials are distributed across the UK. Using our circular economy pallets is better for business – and the planet. Find out how we are supporting the construction sector’s zero waste and carbon net zero goals.


Incentivising pallet returns via a cost-effective, easy-to-use, returnable pallet system, we provide the construction industry with a simple, circular approach to pallet use that’s greener, leaner, safer, smarter..

Shifting the sector from the linear practice of ‘deliver, distribute and discard’ to the more sustainable model of ‘recover, repair, reuse’, we’re actively eliminating avoidable pallet waste from the building materials supply chain.

Founded by some of the biggest names in the UK pallet industry, The Pallet LOOP is now part of BSW Group, and a member of Binderholz – Europe’s leading timber processing operation.

The Pallet LOOP. Transforming how building materials move.




Saving millions of trees and precious timber resources to support net zero


An efficient collection service that will reduce site waste and cut costs


Traceable pallets armed with RFID tracking for maximum traceability


A standardised robust range of pallet proven to perform better in load & lift


Using the principles of circular economics, we’ve created a simple way for the UK construction industry to cut its’ consumption of timber for pallet production, reduce waste and improve its sustainability credentials. Central to our approach is:

A range of distinctive green FSC ® Certified pallets engineered to last and be used again and again

A simple, service-oriented model that replaces the traditional sale of single use pallets with a returnable scheme 

Unrivalled manufacturing capacity to meet short- and long-term demand.

A network of collection sites and repair hubs nationwide

A dedicated fleet of lorries
picking up pallets

A 72-hour collection service for green LOOP and white pallets

“As COP26 takes place, and BAM is focused on building a sustainable tomorrow, we need to explore every practical avenue that helps us reduce our CO2 emissions and achieve net zero. “The best change is one that others can support and adopt. This has much greater impact, so we are proud to champion this initiative which has great potential across our sector. It fits very well alongside our drive to become more circular, drive out waste, and reuse resources.”

Julia Messenger, Sustainability Manager, BAM

“Savvy organisations will be already re-orientating their existing sustainability strategy towards one of circular implementation with trusted trading partners of a similar persuasion, and not waiting to act until new legislation or spikes in commodity prices hit home.”
Mickey Howard, Professor of Sustainable Supply Chain Management at University of Exeter Business School

At the moment, the pallets used by the construction industry are the equivalent of single-use plastics in the hospitality sector. It really isn’t acceptable that so many are used just once and then discarded each year. LOOP’s innovation to introduce a higher spec pallet that can be reused and recycled multiple times is a brilliant idea that we support 100%”

Graham Edgell, Director of Sustainability and Procurement,
Morgan Sindall Group

Kier recognises that the current use of single trip pallets is unsustainable. These pallets consume a significant quantity of home-grown softwood timber resource (around 17%), which could be better utilised in other long-term carbon storage solutions such as the construction of buildings, and they also account for a significant percentage of our construction waste stream (up to 10% by volume) which is a significant cost to the business. We therefore would fully endorse a supply chain solution that would enable the recovery, repair, and reuse of pallets in the UK construction sector

Jo Gilroy Head of Sustainability, Kier

“The Pallet Loop™ represents the type of sustainability disruptor that is urgently needed to create a more circular construction industry. It will have benefits to those handling pallets with regard to safety; for site managers dealing with logistics and space issues; right through to the forests that don’t need to be felled as a result.”

Eithne George, Programme Director, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

“It’s wonderful to see companies like The Pallet LOOP step up to the challenge presented by the climate emergency and put circular economy principles at its heart. It’s clear from the government that the decade ahead will be one of transition as we move towards a decarbonised economy based on a “reduce, reuse, recycle” model for resources.”

Peter Caplehorn, CEO, Construction Products Association

“ISG recognises that the current widespread use of single trip pallets is unsustainable. We therefore would fully endorse a supply chain solution, such as The Pallet Loop™, that enables the recovery, repair and reuse of pallets in the UK construction sector.”

Peter Kelly, Head of Sustainability, ISG

“At Aggregate Industries, we are continuously seeking to adopt new and innovative ways to make our business and the industry more sustainable. The Pallet LOOP perfectly mirrors our own ambitions, and by signing up to the Charter we are able to both evaluate our current pallet usage and the associated CO2 emissions, as well as move towards the adoption of a more sustainable supply chain.”

Kirstin McCarthy, Sustainability Director, Aggregate Industries

“At the TP Group we recognise the importance of shifting to a more circular economy and we're fully committed to exploring new ways to embed sustainability in our business. A model where pallets can be recovered, repaired and reused through the supply chain is a great example of a sustainable solution which we're keen to embrace”

James Vance, Head of Sustainability, Travis Perkins

“The Pallet LOOP presents us with a solution that is better for business and better for the planet. We will have a far greater impact if we are all pulling in the same direction. We need the whole supply chain onside, because clearly the smallest change in process can have the biggest impact over time.”

Graeme Barton, CEO, Construction Products Association


If you are a journalist and would like more information about The Pallet LOOP, please contact our press office:

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LOOP pallets: Better for people, the planet, and profitability