A transformational, net carbon zero pallet re-use scheme for the UK construction sector

Different by design

our pallets


Our green LOOP pallets don’t just look different. They are different.


Designed with durability in mind, our green LOOP pallets can accommodate greater loads than standard pallets, which are – by and large – engineered for single use. That’s a fact. Our pallets were put through their paces by Virginia Tech.

Rigorous tests conducted by Virginia Tech, proved that LOOP pallets are more than 100% stronger than standard construction industry pallets. They also have greater lateral strength.

Load capability (1 x pallet high)  = +123%

Load capability (4 x pallets high) = +123%

Lateral strength = +176%

*Based on LOOP standard pallet versus a bagged plaster pallet

Standardised Specification

There are currently more than 1500+ different pallet specifications in circulation throughout the UK construction industry. To simplify matters, we’ve created a range of standardised pallet designs that all follow the same design principles – making them easier and safer to stack.

1000 x 1200 4WE

Loop standard

1200 X 1000 2WE

construction standard

1200 x 1200 4we

insulation standard

2400 x 1200 2WE

board standard

1035 x 1050 2WE

Tile Pallet

900 X 900 2WE

Brick & Block Pallet

1200 x 1075 2we

Brick & Block Pallet

Request test pallets

Do you want to test the quality of LOOP pallets for yourself? If so, get in touch. We’re happy to send sample pallets to a site of your choice for testing. Alternatively, if you want to sign up to The Pallet LOOP™, give us a ring and we’ll talk you through the sign up process.