A transformational, circular economy, pallet reuse scheme for the UK construction sector

Breath of fresh air

Mar 1, 2022 | News

With spring looking like it’s sprung, we’ve been out and about exploring carbon offsetting options that will make our business truly carbon net zero.

The Pallet LOOP is designed to make huge difference to the UK construction industry and its net zero ambitions. Delivering a step change in distribution logistics, we’re shifting the sector away from the inefficient ’take, make, use, throw’ model, to an approach that’s less costly from a financial and an environmental perspective. Widespread adoption of The Pallet LOOP across the UK construction sector has the potential to achieve up to 40% less CO2 emissions and an estimated 75 reduction in timber usage – greatly reducing the burden that pallets currently place on the environment and our forests.

That’s a huge contribution, but it’s not enough for us. To be completely carbon neutral, we are looking, in depth, at a tree planting scheme that will offset any carbon generated from the vehicle movements we conduct when collecting pallets.

We can’t say much more at the moment about how or where we are going to do this – but exciting plans are coming together, so watch this space for more details coming soon!